Thursday, 10 August 2017

Destiny's Union

I love video games just as much as I like good written stories. But I am greatly amazed by video games because itself is a medium is composed of various elements, such as visual art, writing, spoken dialogues, gameplay, animation cutscenes and music that works in tandem to create an immersive experience for the players. Written stories, particularly novels and short stories leave room for your imagination to recreate the scene being described in the writing, which include the smell, the touch and the feeling of the character. Your imagination of the scene may be limited by the words being written. If the description fall short, then the readers would usually fill in the blank with their imagination. In fact, all good stories encourages the viewers to use their imagination to enhance the storytelling experience. In some cases, the viewers were able to use their imagination to fill in the plot holes!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

I'm Going All Out

Sigh, the girls in my office talk so much, I really have to put on my noise-cancelling earphones so that I can concentrate on my work or my (manga) reading. Sometimes, I wonder if they come university on their research or do they come here to socialize. Holy cow, it's been half an hour since then and they are still chatting!

Well, I am going all out. I plan to finish my lab work by end of July and start my pilot plant testing next month. Not gonna give too much attention to them,  but it's not like I can totally ignore them.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

To the Future that Awaits Ahead

To be honest, I find that my time spent at ACG events was rather wasteful. After all, whenever I go to events, I hardly take any photos anymore. There are more cosplayers at events, but there are less people doing cosplays from the series that I like. Furthermore, the viewcount on the photos that I have taken and uploaded onto my blogs are ridiculously low.

Even if I were to cosplay, there are no longer anyone who would hangout with me. Just like yesterday, besides my best friend who came to the event with me, most of my other friends from the ACG community did not have the time to have a proper chat with me. In recent times, it was my intention to come to these ACG events to socialize. But regretably, I never achieve my goal. As such, I started to feel that coming to these events is quite a waste of my time.

Perhaps I could no longer relate to the happenings in the ever-changing ACG community and my peers as well. And I truly wonder what can I do to overcome this obstacle. I am totally clueless about any possible solution besides spending my time on other hobbies.

Monday, 3 July 2017

In Circles

Have you ever heard of the video game Transistor?
A friend of mine recommended the game to me,
knowing that I like good game music.
And so I started playing the video game many years ago
But I was never motivated to finish the game
Because most of the game setting was unclear to me
and there was no log or journal to keep track of the characters.
But finally, I had the motivation to complete the game yesterday.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blue and White Porcelain 青花瓷

Recently, I have been looking for motivation to improve my vocational skills. In the past, I have never find such a need because I have been relying on my own desire for "self-actualization", which is the fulfillment of an individual's potential according to Abraham Maslow. However, through the passage of time, my desire for self-actualization is no longer sufficient because that desire had been slowly replaced by a feeling of content.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Teller of World

Of the books that I like to read, they can be separated into 2 categories.

The first category are stories that make me wonder how the world works. Books of this category are often non-fictional works that depicts the observant eye of the writer about human societies and civilizations. It may also include the plight of the underprivileged people to strive for a better future. This kind of books help me to understand the nature of human behaviour, emotion and relationship, which seemed to be rather remote to me who can be inept socially. However, to me, these books are rather taxing to read because it takes some thinking to comprehend the text and the lesson it tries to bring forward. At times, cross-referencing may also be needed to compare and verify any theories or facts in these books.

If I am not in the mood for such heavy reading, then I would rather pick up some other book for a lighter read. Such books form the second category of books in my classification. Books for my light reading are often fictional works that is set in some sort of fantasy setting. Most of the times, these works feature characters that are not closely related to my daily life, such as the Hobbits from Lord of the Ring franchise, or the adventures of Robert Langdon as written by Dan Brown. While the fictional works may also be placed in the modern setting, these works are usually thriller works which focuses on a fast-paced, action-packed plot rather than the intricate relationship and interactions between humans.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


It is definitely a great display of the the power of the law, where someone as high ranking as the sitting governor of Jakarta, Indonesia can be taken to prison. The law has been upheld by the judiciary and relevant enforcement bodies. This may be good for Indonesia, seeing that bribery and other "petty" crimes have become part-and-parcel of the daily lives of most Indonesians.

However, what is worrisome is this could become a landmark rulling, where non-Muslims are at risk of being prosecuted and sent to prison simply for discussing Islam in any way other than prescribed by the Indonesian Ulama Council. Honestly, I do not think these political and religious differences should be a divider of citizen unity. If one could not tolerate, accept or celebrate such differences, where can there be Unity in Diversity? There is no need to send someone into prison for two years under the crime of blasphemy.

Quoting from a discussion thread, "Indonesia along with Turkey, Malaysia, and other countries were once known as secular states. The world was led to believe that while Islam was the state religion, its treatment of all its citizens would be equal, regardless of religion. This is no longer the case as each of these states has taken the dictatorial route, where the line between politics and religion has slowly but surely disappeared".

In my own country, only the "liberal Muslims" are allowed to criticize the various activities done in the name of Islam while getting ostracized in the process. But should people who speak their mind be prosecuted? I do think every adult could think and reject any falsehood on their own. For instance, when Ahok lost the election, it is a clear sign that Ahok's administration is not appreciated by the people of Jakarta. Democracy gave its citizen a way to show their support for their leaders, though it does not entirely show the capability and integrity of the said leaders. As such, there is no need for such a conviction against Ahok.

Just my personal opinion.